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shop-filters Searching by keywords often return a large number of products which may take some time to browse through to find what you need. To simplify this process, Vaboose provides search tools and filters to help you find products quickly and easily. This includes:
  1. Filter by Category

    Products matching the search keywords are classified into categories with the number of items in each category displayed next to the title. To reveal the categories, click on the arrow next to the filter title. Every category listed has a check box. Select the check box next to the category to display products belonging to that category, then click the update search button below the filters to update the page.

  2. Filter by Merchant

    Filter by merchants allow you to display products sold be specific merchants which can be used in addition to the category products. The search results are categorised by merchants and displayed in alphabetical order. To reveal the list of merchants, click on the arrow button next to the merchant filter title. Every merchant has a checkbox to select. Select as many merchants you would like to filter the results by, then click the update search button below the filters to update the page. When done, only products sold by the selected merchants would be displayed.

  3. Filter by Price Ranges

    Products listed after a keyword search are grouped into prices ranges so that you can filter the products depending on the price of the products you are prepared to pay for the product. To filter by prices ranges, click the arrow button displayed next to the price range filter title. This will reveal the prices as few available for the products listed on the page. Every price range has a radio button which allows you to select one price range at a time. After selecting the range, click the update search button at the bottom of the filters. If the predefined price ranges available do not meet your criteria, you can use the price range slider to specify custom price ranges. The price range slider provides handles which you can use to set the lower and upper price boundaries. When selected, click the update search to update the page.

  4. Sorting

    Products listed in a keyword search result can be sorted in ascending or descending order by one of the following criteria:

    Relevance: Products will be displayed in the order of how similar the product title and description is to the search keyword. In descending order, the most similar products would be displayed first and vice versa.

    Price: Sorting by price return the results in order of the advertised product's price

    Title: Ordering by title sorts the product by name alphabetically.

  5. Pagination

    When the number of Products matching your search criteria and filters exceed the maximum number of products configured per page, they are paginated with the page numbers listed above and below the search result. Clicking the respective page numbers displays the result of the selected page. Altering any of previously selected filters would, by default, display the first page that matches the filters.

If the set of filters you've selected do not return the list your desire, you can remove all filters you've previously applied to the search result by clicking the reset filters button which is displayed below the filters. Then you can start over again, filtering the results as required.

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